ghost: db password reset (mysql setup)

ghost: db password reset (mysql setup)

ghost: db password reset (mysql setup)
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In this instance you have lost your password to your ghost blog, and now are locked out.

  • Please note - if you attempt to access the ghost blog database via phpsqladmin the user database will not be visible - it needs to be done through the mysql prompt.
  • To reset a sqlite password check here

Here is how to reset it.

mysql -u root -p -h <your mysql ip>
  • In the instance where your mysql is inside a docker container you can get in this way. List your dockers and find your mysql instance
sudo docker ps -a

Once you have your mysql  name:

docker exec -it <container name> /bin/bash

You will see your prompt change as in:

mysql -u root -p

Typically mysql containers are usually always configured to accept a local bash login.

Two Parts Left:

  • Clearing your over logins
  • Resetting your password
  1. Clearing your over - logins by clearing your brute table.
select * from brute;
truncate table brute;

2. Resetting your password

See your current login:

select * from users;

Now create a new password at bcrypt:

And then use that hash to insert into the password field:

update users set password='$2y$10$aftddlNMgIvpwR4sjRiPdeSxXUCdQVBeBxkHfN2zUsT/FcXMkcx1y' where slug='mainuser'

Once that is done you will be able to login under the password 'bob' which you can then change.

No reboot of the container is even required.

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